Podcast: Dr Heather Paulson: Cancer Prevention

Dr. Heather Paulson is a board-certified Naturopathic Oncologist, Teacher, Best Selling Author, and Speaker. After experiencing cancer with loved ones, Dr. Paulson left her marine biology career for medical school. Dr. Paulson works with people undergoing cancer treatment of radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and helps them integrate natural remedies to reduce [...]

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Podcast: Dr Lee Know: Mitochondria, Energy and the Theory of Aging

Today's interview is with Dr Lee Know. Dr Know is a licensed naturopathic doctor, recipient of several awards, and has held positions as medical advisor, scientific evaluator, and director of research and development for major organizations. He's the author of Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2018), the Director of Scientific [...]

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Podcast: Dr Darin Ingels – The Lyme Solution

Dr. Ingels is the author of The Lyme Solution: A 5-Part Plan To Fight The Inflammatory Autoimmune Response And Beat Lyme Disease (get your copy here!), and a respected leader in natural medicine with numerous publications, international lectures and 30 years experience in the healthcare field. Dr. Ingels is a licensed [...]

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Podcast: Interview with Dr Jillian Stansbury on Herbs for the Gut, Liver, and Skin

Today's episode is an interview with my colleague, Dr Jillian Stansbury. These are the questions I asked and a paraphrase of Dr Stansbury's answers.   1. Biography: Dr Jillian Stansbury is a naturopathic physician who has practiced in SW Washington for almost 30 years specializing in women's health, mental health, and [...]

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