Interview with Ryan Beck: CTO of

Ryan Beck is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of, the world's #1 app for daily prayer and faith-based audio content. is driven by a mission to grow faith, cultivate community, and leave a legacy of helping others. Beck brings expertise in computer science, software engineering, and theological [...]

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Dr Greg Hammer: Burnout and Mindfulness

Dr Greg Hammer is a Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, pediatric intensive care physician, pediatric anesthesiologist, mindfulness expert, and the author of GAIN without Pain: The Happiness Handbook for Health Care Professionals. A member of the Stanford WellMD initiative, Dr. Hammer is currently the Chair of the Physician Wellness Task Force [...]

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Hearing God’s Voice

Today we jump around in scripture a lot. Here are some of the verses:  John 10:3-5 Romans 3:4 John 10:27 John 8:47 Jeremiah 33:3 Rev 3:20 Isaiah 30:21 James 4:8 Jeremiah 29:13 Heb 8:6-13 Psalm 37:4 Col 3:15 1 Kings 19 Hebrews 4:12 and more...  Download the latest episode [...]

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Spotlight On: Baking Soda

This week's podcast comes from this blog post: Spotlight On: Baking Soda.  To find a root cause doctor in your area, check out  Download the latest episode of Christian Natural Health!

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Praying in Dark Times

Today's podcast is a meditation on how to pray for the world in dark times. Our anchor verse is Proverbs 4:23. Other scriptures discussed include:  - Philippians 4:6-8 - Colossians 3:15 - James 5:16 - Psalm 2 - 2 Cor 3:14 - Matthew 9:38 - Romans 1:19-22 - Luke 12:2-3 [...]

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Mission Eurasia: Interview with Don Parsons

Don and Esther Parsons have served in cross-cultural missions for over 25 years. Sensing the call to use their language and cultural skills in the region where their missionary ministry began, Don joined the staff of Mission Eurasia in 2020 working as the only western member of their Field Ministries [...]

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