Jacquelyn Sheppard, Author of Silent Takeover

Today's podcast is an interview with Jacquelyn Sheppard. Jacquelyn Sheppard is an international speaker on learning and behavior as well as mental, emotional and addictive disorders. For the past fifty years, her extensive research, experience, and concepts concerning the body and the brain have enabled many to live better lives. [...]

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The Christmas Story

Today's special podcast is a meditation on the Christmas story as told in the books of Matthew and Luke, and a reimagining of the story from Mary's perspective. Merry Christmas!  Download the latest episode of Christian Natural Health!

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Feast of Weeks and Pentecost

Today's meditation explores the symmetry between the Feast of Weeks of the Old Testament, and Pentecost. We jump around a lot:  Moses goes to Sinai and God descends on it in fire (Ex 19:18.) This represents the birth of the nation of Israel as a theocracy: the giving of the Law.  This [...]

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