Health Benefits of Yoga

Eastern and meditative lifestyle choices have received a lot of attention lately for their health benefits.  I’ve long suggested yoga to patients in an effort to moderate stress, improve flexibility, decrease sciatica symptoms (in certain patients whose symptoms are associated with a tight piriformis muscle), and so forth.

A Surprising Treatment for Stroke Recovery

I never would have considered yoga as a post-stroke treatment, though, until I read this article on MedPage Today.  The article reports that a preliminary study indicates that rehabilitation for stroke victims involving yoga has the potential to improve balance, and can significantly decrease fear of falling and improve patients’ sense of independence.

Naturopathic Treatment for CVD and Stroke Recovery

While we’re on the subject, the naturopathic approach to cardiovascular disease in general involves improving the diet, and using supplements when necessary, in order to improve antioxidant status, protect blood vessels from vascular damage, lower clotting potential, and lower cholesterol.

In addition to this, for patients who have already suffered a stroke, certain botanical medicines and acupuncture protocols can be effective to increase blood flow to the brain.  And, for those patients with lasting neurological deficits due to a stroke, a well-chosen homeopathic remedy may help to improve function.

But from now on I will be sure to add yoga to my list of recommendations!