Today’s meditation comes from Genesis 37-47 on the life of Joseph. 

Gen 37:2: he was seventeen

37:3: Israel loved him more than his brothers and gave him the coat of many colors

v4: but the brothers hated him

v5-9: He makes it worse by sharing his dreams (double dream: it’s decided)

v18-22: the brothers conspire to kill him, but Reuben to spare his life

v27: They sell him into slavery

v32: they lead Israel to believe he’s dead


Ch 39:2-3: even in slavery, Joseph is blessed.

v12: his master’s wife tries to sleep with him. He flees, and she accuses him of attempted rape (v14-15)

v20: Joseph gets thrown into prison (no idea how long this took — months at least I’d assume)

v21-23: Joseph gets blessed in prison and is in charge there.


Ch40: years later at least, the cupbearer and the baker get thrown into prison and have dreams Joseph interprets for them.

v12-14: Joseph tells the cupbearer he will be restored, and to remember that he’s innocent and in prison

v23 but the cupbearer forgets.


Ch 41: two whole years later, Pharaoh has two dreams.

v9-13: the cupbearer finally remembers Joseph to Pharaoh

v14: Pharaoh calls for Joseph. They bring him out, shave him, and change his clothes.

v25-31: Joseph interprets his dream

v32: the doubling of the dream makes it sure. (He had to remember this about his own dream?)

v34-36: he proposes what to do about it

v40-44: Joseph promoted

v46: he was thirty (so 13 yrs passed)


Ch 42:6-9: Joseph’s brothers bow before him (he must be 37 at least by this time). But he messes with them

v1-5: because he wants to see Benjamin, his full brother

v21-24: the brothers discuss their guilt regarding Joseph, and that is why this is happening – and Joseph gets to hear it.

v27-28: he gives their money back


Ch43: They go back when they run out of food

v16: Joseph sees Benjamin with them, and prepares food

v29-30: He meets Benjamin and goes off privately to weep

v34-35: he seats them according to birth order and gives Benjamin 5x as much. trying to give them a clue? Does he want them to guess?


Ch 44:2: puts his cup in Benjamin’s sack

v4-5: then accuses them of theft (still messing with them?)


Ch 45:1-4: FINALLY Joseph reveals himself

v5: he apparently forgives them; so he was messing with them for some other reason besides spite


Ch46:8-19: ALL the Israelites who originally go into Egypt


Ch 47:5-6: This Pharaoh favors Joseph

v20: Jacob blesses Pharaoh

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