Vitamin K2 and What It Does

You probably know it’s important to take a calcium supplement, especially if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis. But remember that study that said taking calcium supplementation could increase the risk of heart attacks? The concern here is that atherosclerotic plaques contain calcium deposits, and perhaps therefore taking calcium in supplement [...]

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Vitamin E: Why You Need It

Those of us attempting to get our nutrients from food alone will very likely end up deficient in a lot of micronutrients. Part of this is because we don’t eat like we should, and part of it is because the soil just doesn’t have the micronutrients it once did. C'est [...]

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Recent Vitamin Study

You may have heard about the recent study arguing that vitamins and supplements either did not improve health or may be actively harmful:  This study states that a series of questionnaires showed increased mortality from all causes correlated with an increased vitamin and supplement intake. An excellent rebuttal appears here: [...]

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