The Top 10 Worst Toxins For Your Health

Naturopaths who have been practicing for decades tell me that things have changed. It used to be that fairly simple interventions would “move the needle,” as it were, for most people: clean food, fresh air, sunlight, stress management. That is still the case for the genetically blessed. But for those [...]

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Toxic Toothpaste

I wrote last week on the controversy over root canals, and how to prevent cavities in the first place. But you might wonder, can’t we prevent cavities just by brushing and flossing frequently enough? It’s true that the mechanical action of brushing and flossing removes food particles that might otherwise [...]

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Mold Toxicity: What It Looks Like and What to Do About It

At first I was incredulous. Why were so many people showing up in my office with mold sickness—in Tucson, Arizona, of all places? It turns out that, while mold grows in damp places, spores can survive in incredibly adverse conditions, including in dry deserts—and reanimate when the conditions are better. [...]

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Thyroid Disrupting Chemicals (and How to Avoid Them)

I just got back from a conference on naturopathic endocrinology last weekend. One of the lectures focused on the effects of certain thyroid disrupting chemicals, what they do in the process of thyroid hormone production and utilization, and how to avoid them. Quick Physiology Recap The master endocrine gland in [...]

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