Obesogens: Chemicals that Make Us Fat

In the last decade or so, animal studies have increasingly indicated that certain chemicals, particularly those already known to be endocrine (hormone) disruptors, can lead to obesity. Turn On the Fat Cell Development Research started with tributylin (TBT), used to paint the underside of ships to prevent barnacles from growing [...]

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Why Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Most of you probably already know that diet soda isn’t good for you because, collectively, artificial sweeteners are associated with leukemia, brain tumors, breast cancer, bladder cancer, uterine and ovarian cancer, skin cancer, immune dysfunction, DNA damage, preterm delivery, and neurological problems. *Whew.* But, in the moment, sometimes you just [...]

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Leptin Resistance: An Obstacle to Weight Loss

Leptin resistance is a secondary and not a primary problem. Here's a breakdown of what it is, how it works and what to do about it.

Get Healthy for the New Year!

It’s no secret that there’s an epidemic of obesity in our country.  But obesity is, in many cases, an outward manifestation of a much more concerning inner process. Unfortunately, the American public has been led to believe that cholesterol is bad (universally), and that high fat content in our food [...]

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