Podcast: Eastern or Energetic Medicine and Christianity

Today's episode is on how to reconcile Christianity with Eastern or energetic medicine modalities. I don't have a source article for this one, but I do reference this article on homeopathy.     SUBSCRIBE TO MY PODCAST     

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Homeopathy: “But isn’t there nothing in it?”

My new patient appointments generally go like this: a full intake, with lots of probing questions either sparked by stories the patient tells me or by comments on the very long new patient paperwork. We cover diet if it’s relevant; we cover lifestyle, if it’s relevant; we cover lab work if they’ve brought it [...]

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The Philosophy of Homeopathy

According to Naturopathic philosophy, the human body is intelligent, and symptoms are your body’s attempt to deal with the illness in the least damaging manner possible.  Suppression, therefore, forces the illness “deeper,” into more vital parts of the body, and should be discouraged.  Instead, we should work with our body’s [...]

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