Stress Management Techniques

Looking for a way to beat stress without resorting to antidepressants? Here are some practical tips to improve your quality of life - for free!

Starting your strength, or weight loss exercise program

The three components of fitness are aerobic (cardiovascular), strength, and flexibility. Most forms of physical activity will provide some benefits in all three areas.

Get Healthy for the New Year!

It’s no secret that there’s an epidemic of obesity in our country.  But obesity is, in many cases, an outward manifestation of a much more concerning inner process. Unfortunately, the American public has been led to believe that cholesterol is bad (universally), and that high fat content in our food [...]

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Colostrum: Powerful Immune Booster!

Colostrum is the milk produced by mammals in late pregnancy and in the first several days after giving birth.  Babies are born without a fully formed immune system, and in addition to its caloric density, colostrum has a high concentration of antibodies, antioxidants, and other immune system components.  The antibodies [...]

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The Eatery

Here's a fun and social way to improve your eating habits over time, if you have an Apple product (iPhone or iPad) that can take pictures -- check it out!

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