Th1/Th2 Balance in Autoimmunity and Allergies

Immunology 101 There are two parts to your immune system, called “non-specific” (this responds right away to toxic exposure, bee stings, trauma, etc) and “specific” (which takes some time, but is more targeted against specific invaders). Think of non-specific immunity like a sledge hammer, while specific immunity is more like [...]

Why Do Allergies Worsen in Pregnancy?

This was actually a subject I was curious about myself: almost a quarter of all pregnant women experience worsening allergies during pregnancy, sometimes even if they never had any allergies before pregnancy. Women who had mild asthma beforehand are at a higher risk for severe asthma attacks, and runny noses, [...]

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Why Allergies (and Chemical Sensitivities) Get Worse When You’re Stressed

The Stress Response 101 Your adrenals are these two pyramid-shaped glands that sit on top of your kidneys.  They’ve got several jobs, but the biggest is to help your body cope with stress.  Here’s how they do that. You get attacked by a bear (or whatever).  Without sparing the critical [...]

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