When Iron Deficiency is Really Copper Deficiency

There are multiple levels of iron deficiency: low ferritin is the first, as ferritin is a storage form of iron. This can progress to low iron saturation in the bloodstream. Finally, it can become iron deficiency (or microcytic) anemia. The first two levels of iron deficiency can be caused by [...]

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How to Eat for Tired Adrenals

“Let food be thy medicine” - Hippocrates While there are lots of great supplements you can take for adrenal fatigue, it’s always best to start with the basics. “The basics” include getting plenty of sleep, minimizing stress, and of course, eating right. Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Quick recap: your adrenals [...]

The Naturopathic Approach to Fatigue

Fatigue Fatigue is one of the most common reasons for patients in North America to seek medical help.  This is because almost any chronic medical condition can cause fatigue as one of its symptoms.  Possible causes that must be ruled out include: Hypothyroidism.  The thyroid is a gland responsible for [...]

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