Download the PDF Here: Solvent Detox Protocol

For the next 6 weeks, do each of these things at least 3 times per week:

1) Sweating:

Ideally at least 10 minutes of heavy sweating (which means stay in the sauna until you start sweating substantially, and then for 10 minutes after that). Either dry sauna or infrared saunas work. Gyms often have these, but many of my patients buy personal sized infrared saunas on Amazon (which run around $180-200).

Exception to the 10 min rule: if your body tells you that you need to get out earlier, listen to it! If you’re not a good “sweat-er” yet, your body will learn a little at a time. Don’t overdo it.

2) Constitutional Hydrotherapy:

Done with alternating hot and cold towels to the chest and back, while wrapped up in a wool blanket. Many naturopathic clinics or medi-spas offer these. You can buy one round and bring someone with you, so they can learn how to perform constitutional hydrotherapy on you at home (it’s easy, just labor-intensive).

Alternative #1: alternating hot and cold in the shower (3 cycles, 1 min hot, 30 seconds cold, start hot and end cold)

Alternative #2: if you are not chlorine sensitive and have access to a hot tub/pool, you can alternate between these two until your body acclimates to the temperature of each, also 3 cycles: start hot and end cold.

3) Castor oil packs

1. Apply cold pressed castor oil to flannel sheet folded to fit the area of treatment (over the liver, under the right side of the ribcage). You can purchase both the castor oil and the flannel at any health food store.

2. Apply saturated sheet to treatment area and cover with seran wrap to hold flannel sheet in place and protect clothing.

3. Apply heating pad on top of flannel sheet for 20-30 minutes. Remove, wash skin with soap and water, and replace the flannel sheet in the bag for the next time. No need to wash it.

4. Repeat 3-4 times per week.

4) Colonics:

Colon hydrotherapists perform these, often in medi-spas or naturopathic clinics. I recommend a series of 3 in a 2-week period, and the first two should be back to back if possible to avoid “detox” reactions.

Alternative #1: buy a hot water bottle with enema attachment for a gravity approach: empty into your colon and then release into the toilet while stimulating acupuncture point Stomach 25 (you can Google Image this to see where it is: press on your abdominal muscles with your fingers and press back with your abdominal muscles. Hold for about a minute, and then stay near the toilet, as you are likely to have a significant release a few minutes later.

Alternative #2: 2 caps Activated Charcoal as soon as you get out of the sauna. This binds toxins mobilized from the fat cells before they even get to your gut.