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    “I don’t know where to start… I have been deathly ill for 3 yrs. No doctor or specialist could ever figure it out. I’ve been to many. Had a fever every day for 3 yrs. and felt like I had the flu. Then became much sicker and adrenals were failing. Found Doctor Lauren this spring. She knew right away what it was. Toxic Mold! She did some labs which all came back positive. She listened to me, unlike most other doctors. Believed me, unlike most other doctors. Correctly diagnosed me because she listened to me and believed me. Plus she’s super smart… She has been treating me for toxic mold for 1.5 months. Fever of 3 yrs has broke! I’m out of bed. Feeling Fabulous again. I went dancing last night! Wahoo! I just love Dr Lauren Deville. She literally saved my life! If you have an illness or issue and are fed up with lack of performance and caring from other doctors, than you should go to her. My insurance did not cover her visits because she’s an NMD. Stupid insurance company would rather pay for doctors who cant figure out anything, charge a fortune and just want to drug you, than pay for her who figured it out in 10 minutes inexpensively! I was ready to quit and die before I found her. I was so sick. I’m so glad I did not give up. I would have missed out on the rest of my life. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Lauren. I am eternally grateful.”
    LH, Tucson, AZ
    “Dr. Deville is amazing. Beyond amazing, really. I have been to see her numerous times and each time I am there, she listens to everything I have to say – and then does something about it! She has solved so many problems that nobody else was able to figure out, and she does it in one appointment. None of that, “We’ll discuss that next time…” I have heard from insurance-based physicians. Dr. Deville seems extremely intelligent and has truly wonderful instincts. She has helped me tremendously; each time I see her I am able to cross another problem off the list of things that have been labelled “stress” elsewhere. Also, she literally cured my youngest daughter of all of her food allergies. I can’t think of a reason why I would go anywhere else!”
    TA, Tucson, AZ
    “Dr. Lauren was a Godsend to find. Not only does she really know her stuff, but she has a great bedside manner to boot. It is really refreshing to be treated like a human being, and not a subject or specimen. When other doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, she had the tenacity to methodically step through the process and figure out what I was ailing from. She didn’t quit. Every time I had given up hope, at my next appointment she had figured out another angle, another way to try to combat it. Also, as a person that gets every side affect from any drug, it is nice to have the alternative to do the natural/herbal way or with traditional medicine. I’m now able to function and getting better by the day. I cannot recommend Dr. Lauren enough.”
    MC, Tucson, AZ
    “Dr. Lauren Deville has helped me tremendously. I had exhausted all the medical doctors who had no answers for me. In fact, the medical doctors had misdiagnosed and prescribed treatment that only worsened my health. Their diagnosis was allergies causing sinus problems which they overtreated with antibiotics. I lost weight, and some of my hair because all my beneficial bacteria had been killed off by antibiotics and I could not digest my food. I also developed invasive bad bacteria throughout my body. With Dr. Deville’s recommended treatment and careful monitoring of my situation with blood work and stool tests, I am so much healthier than I ever could have imagined. Her office visit fees are $100 with supplements and tests as separate expenses. As I said at the beginning I went to numerous doctors, visits to the emergency room and many tests PRIOR to being treated by Dr. Deville. I give Dr. Deville the highest mark of successful treatment! THANK YOU DR. DEVILLE.”
    BT, Tucson, AZ
    “My uncle has seen you off and on for an internal fungus condition due to black mold exposure on 2 occasions for multiple years. He mentioned your advice helped him tremendously. Thank you for all that you do and helping out my uncle. He is far better now then he has been in the past 25 plus years. Anyone I know who is riddled with health issues I will give them your info.”
    BC, Tucson, AZ
    “Thank You Dr. Deville, you have changed my life!”
    VM, Tucson, AZ
    “I arrived at Dr. Deville’s office completely frustrated and without hope. I have three auto immune diseases and I had been to doctor after doctor. The last doctor told me I was a “unique” case and they weren’t sure what to do. I honestly felt that my body was going to give out and I was going to die. I am only 44 years old, had run six marathons, and I found myself not even being able to walk around the block. During my first visit, Dr. Deville actually listened to me and asked me questions I had never been asked before regarding my health and also situations which could have brought on my health problems. She did a full blood panel for food allergies and discovered that I was allergic to dairy and eggs. I have Celiac Disease so finding out I had additional allergies was disappointing but I took her advice and eliminated these from my diet. She also put me on a “Specific Carb” diet. Within six weeks, I saw a difference in my skin and my overall health. I feel great! I don’t have the pain I had before and my energy levels are back to where they were before I got sick. I dumped half of my doctors and the methotrexate I was taking. I honestly owe my life to Dr. Deville. If you are struggling with autoimmune disorders or even just poor health, I strongly encourage you to visit with her. Life is too short to not be enjoyed with good health!”
    RLH, Tucson, AZ
    “I came to Dr. Lauren Deville when I finally decided to try and do something about my severe PMS symptoms, especially my mood swings, that were making me miserable every month. She asked many detailed questions and was very thorough in seeking the specific reasons behind my condition. She looked at diet, exercise, and thought habits, as well as hormone and neurotransmitter levels, and came up with a multipronged solution addressing every one of them. No drugs necessary. Two months later, largely due to quality nutritional supplements and exercise, my PMS symptoms are no longer a problem. Not only that, but my acne went away, my immune system is stronger, and I have more energy. I didn’t think anyone could help my PMS, but she did! I would highly recommend Dr. Lauren, especially for treating chronic health conditions and quality-of-life issues that that MDs are not typically trained to deal with. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, and diligent in seeking answers.”
    KVH, Tucson, AZ
    “I came to Dr. Deville with extreme eczema for 3 1/2 years. I decided to quit the dermatologists and try a naturopath. I am thrilled I met Dr. Deville. She is very thorough, pleasant and helped my eczema better than any dermatologist. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Deville for changing my diet which is making my eczema go away. I wish I met her years ago.”
    BW, Tucson, AZ
    “Dr. DeVille…I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANK YOU!!! Since I have started taking my medicine…I have felt so much better! And I have slept through the night four nights in a row! I now have energy. I know I have a ways to go and I am not very good with emotional stuff, but I truly believe you are an angel on earth. Words simply cannot convey my gratitude. So I will just say the most humble and gratitude filled Thank you. Have a magical day.”
    KB, Tucson, AZ
    “Dr. Lauren Deville is an incredible doctor that seeks a holistic approach. I came to her after three years of being too tired to do anything except go to work and sleep. When other doctors told me I was just depressed and needed birth control, she found the source of my fatigue. She created a specialized treatment plan that started off with a healthy diet plan (manageable, quick meals!), while giving me supplements that helped me to stay awake an have energy to make it through a day of work without having to leave early. In three months she has helped me go from being weak and constantly fatigued into being able to run a mile every day. My immune system is better, my iron levels are back up, my meals are a concentrated effort in my life, and she has counseled me to bring healing to my emotions and reach deep roots of my physical state. I am so blessed to have met a doctor who cares not just about her field of expertise but has so much compassion for her patients. Thank you Dr. Deville!”
    AC, Tucson, AZ
    “Dr. Lauren! OMG! I am feeling amazing! I did the Cleanse program and then followed the “Skinny Rules”, by Bob Harper and have lost a total of 32 lbs. More importantly, I TAKE NO MEDICATION!!! My arthritis pain is non-existent! I power walk 4 miles 4 times a day and even ran a 5k in Sonoita last October. Something I would never have done before! You really helped me see the BIG PICTURE by acknowledging that the stress in my life was a big contributor to my health. Within just a few weeks of our visit I found the courage to start facing the issues in my life which were causing so much stress which set the tone for me to start taking care of me. I’ve never been as happy and full of life as I am right now! I have referred you to a few people. One gal that has arthritis pain and was very near surgery just tried the basic principles of eating organic and try eliminating some trigger foods feels much better now and is avoiding surgery. Thank you so much!! If anything comes up I still have you on speed dial!”
    AZ, Tucson, AZ
    “If I have said it once I will say it again. Nautropaths take the time to get to know you and treat the cause and not the symptom of your ailments. I went to see Dr. Lauren Deville in her new practice to reestablish care and to get some general immune boosting advice for a family with a child in preschool (aka petri dish). She was friendly as ever, time efficient, and had all the recommended supplements in office. Having supplements in the office made this visit incredibly convenient no running all over town to track things down and no guess work on my part that they are from a good source. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Deville to anyone looking for a good general doctor! Tip: follow her on Facebook or subscribe to her blog posts! Excellent articles with great sources and good healthy living tips.”
    JL, Tucson, AZ
    “I took my 6 year old son to see Dr. Lauren Deville because he has a skin condition called Urticaria Pigmentoses. It is essentially pigmented hives that never go away. Since he was 3 years old, he’s had brown spots all over his body that will itch if agitated. The condition is cause by having many food allergies, like wheat, soy, corn, etc. My son’s pediatrician and his dermatologist told me several times not to put him through changing his diet, and that my son would eventually grow out of it. But, at 5 years old, he started having cold related asthma, and his spots were getting worse and ever more easily agitated. After seeing Dr. Deville, my son’s skin is much, much better. The spots are still there, but many have gone away and the ones that are left are faded. He’s also has not had any more of the cold related asthma, which is wonderful! I accredit the success I’ve had with my son’s skin and health, to Dr. Deville. I needed to hear from a professional that drastically changing our diet would make a difference. It was sure worth it! I don’t have to worry about my son having an asthma attack, which is so scary, or his skin flaring up and itching everywhere on his body. It’s really made such a difference in our family’s lives. Thank you Dr. Deville for putting us on the right path!”
    SG, Vail, AZ
    “After years of struggling with fatigue, depression, joint issues, and now seemingly hormonal imbalances, I consulted Dr. DeVille in order to find an answer to my situation. She was very thorough with her initial consultation, really listened to my concerns, and worked with me to find the right combination of naturopathic medicines to address my needs. After my blood test showed major deficits, I began a regimen of medicine that finally worked! Her holistic approach was exactly what I was searching for. My fatigue, depression and muscle & joint issues began to diminish. I have recommended her to several of my clients!! I am a Fitness Professional and I am grateful for Dr. DeVille and her approach to wellness!!”
    AD, Tucson, AZ
    “I have been a patient of Dr. Deville for about 3 months. She is extremely knowledgeable about the role that nutrition and our environment plays in how our bodies function. She also realizes that each person’s body functions differently. She takes the time to ask a lot of questions, to find out what is the source of the problem, not just what the symptoms are. She is also easy to get a hold of. In between appointments I have contacted her via email multiple times and she has always promptly responded and offered additional help.”
    JO, Tucson, AZ
    “I came to Dr. DeVille because my last physician was charging too much and asking for tests that I did not want (the tests were too expensive). Dr. DeVille’s prices are reasonable, plus she went out of her way to get my lab costs reduced. I cannot say enough good things about her. She listens and her medical advice has worked for me. I’m really impressed with her concern for her patients’ health as well as their pocketbook.”
    DR, Tucson, AZ
    “I have been on my homeopathic remedy since my last visit and it really seems to be helping! …I am journalling and LOVING it. …I am taking my vitamins, praying, meditating, yoga ing, jumping on my trampoline and feeling better than ever! I thank you for everything. You have helped me more than you could ever know :)”
    PM, Tucson, AZ
    “I started seeing Dr. Deville about a rash that shows up when I get warm or exert energy. It was right after I was diagnosed with bi-lateral breast cancer. Dr. Deville is not only working with me to get rid of the rash, she has taken an active interest in my cancer care. She has been working closely with the Naturopath doctor at CTCA to help me through this difficult time. Her recommendations for my care have helped me immensely and made going through chemo easier. We need more doctors like Dr. Lauren Deville that really care about their patients.”
    BF, Tucson, AZ
    “I like how nice you are and how easy it is to talk with you. As a teenager, it’s hard to find a doctor that will listen and take me seriously. You took the time to get to know me, and in return I’m beginning to see improvements after years of searching for answers with other doctors.”
    RH, Tucson, AZ
    “Thank you, Dr Lauren! It is wonderful to find a doctor that listens and asks questions to find the underlying cause of the illness.”
    CD, Tucson, AZ
    “I would like at this time to give a testimony to Dr. Lauren Deville. Her explicit knowledge about nutrition includes an almost encyclopedic awareness to which supplements are the most beneficial, and extends to her always clear instructions about which companies give the most value and support to the physical body. Her compassionate information includes ideal dosing, and timing therein, for each individual patient. She hand-tools and selects a personally-designed program, designed to optimize health for each person within her practice (it is helpful to be open to her unusually high degree of proficiency). If you want to get well, see Dr. Lauren Deville. Your awareness will expand. Most telling, and rare, is her noble heart and compassion to uplift the health of every soul fortunate enough to be in active communication with her. Dr. Lauren will come to the assistance of virtual strangers when their needs are clearly expressed; it therefore cannot be denied that she possesses a highly developed, authentic consciousness, including her exceptionally giving heart in service to humanity. When last call is inevitably given for all of us, Dr. Lauren will be seen as one of the pioneers in healing medicine who gave her all, body, mind and Spirit.”
    DG, Long Beach, CA
    “It was through Lauren’s thoughtful advice and care that I was directed to the proper treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis. She eagerly answered all my questions and gave me a very good overview of the possibilites to treat my inflammation through diet, botanicals, homeopathy, and other things. I am so thankful for her direction in finding natural healing.”
    RS, Torremolinos, Spain
    “I never knew that early pregnancy does NOT need to include morning sickness, but Dr. Deville solved this problem for me! She said it is a curable symptom, and she was right—with a VERY simple solution.”
    NJA, Tucson, AZ
    “I am so thankful to have Dr. Lauren in my life – I fully expect to get to the bottom of my health concerns and find healing with her help. She always blows me away with her knowledge of all things health-related and she is always ready and happy to answer any questions that I have. She truly takes a holistic approach to health and healing and I have appreciated her attention to my emotional and spiritual health as well as my physical health. Thanks Dr. Lauren!”
    KW, Tucson, AZ