Prep Time: 1 min | Total Time: 1 min | Servings: 1

I’m not a big fan of the soda alternatives on the market; personally I think they taste too sweet. I drink lots of flavored carbonated water, but sometimes I get tired of just that, too. This super simple homemade soda can be as low in sugar as you want, but it will still give you a bit of a kick! (I should also add that my husband named this one right before we went to Ireland… because it’s green.) 🙂


  • Club soda (you can get the bottled kind from Trader Joe’s or Sprouts, flavored or not. Doesn’t matter.)
  • Mint leaves (just a few, however many you like)
  • 100% white grape juice, no sugar added (read your labels, don’t get the kind with any extra junk.) You can vary the recipe with other kinds of juice as well!


  1. Put ice in your glass, and put the mint leaves on top (rinsed of course)
  2. Fill half the glass with club soda or fizzy water (or 3/4, whatever you prefer)
  3. Fill up the rest with white grape juice
  4. Enjoy!

What are your favorite healthy beverages? Post in the comments!

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