Hermann Eben has served in various executive management roles for 40+ years in the business arena. Hermann’s world was devastated in 1991 when he received a phone call. The caller told him that his wife, Louie, was having an affair and that a package would be coming to prove the allegations. After seeing the evidence, he called his pastor, who decided it would be best for Hermann and Louie to meet with Dr. Marlin Howe to work through their relationship. The church had been using Dr. Howe’s Hope for the Family video series for about five years.

God did a fantastic thing and restored their marriage. After a couple of years of God’s blessing and healing, Hermann and Louie decided, with the approval of the church elders, to use their experience to help others. And that is what they have been doing for 30 years. With the foundation of Dr. Howe’s work and blessing, Hermann developed GR8 Relationships (www.gr8relate.com) in 2000. He and Louie have held countless weekend seminars, met with couples one-on-one, and facilitated weekly study groups. Together they are on a mission to restore marriages and relationships.

For more on Hermann and Louie and to get their materials, see www.gr8relate.com

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