Guest post by Sheila Olson; Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

The practice of Yoga has continued to gain popularity every year for the past few decades. It is no longer a preserve for women. People of all ages and genders are jumping on the bandwagon in the hope of reaping its incredible benefits. At Nature Cure Family Health, we believe that Yoga should be an activity for the whole family. Practicing Yoga as a family is an effective way to encourage a healthy lifestyle in your home.

You’ve probably seen photos and gifs of moms, dads and their kids striking adorable Yoga poses on social media. Yoga is a proven success among families. It helps the entire family build a meaningful experience, learn positive values and improve their overall health and well-being. Here are some reasons why you should add Yoga to your family’s routine: 

Develops healthy habits

As we chase our dreams, juggle jobs and run the household, we struggle to create quality family time. For many, engaging in activities as a family especially healthy ones can prove challenging. Family yoga helps you slow down amid the daily grind. You get to spend quality time as a family and benefit from the health benefits of Yoga. 

Scheduling regular yoga practice for the whole family has been shown to encourage the adoption of other healthy habits like healthy dietary choices and regular sleeping habits.   

Creates strong family bonds

While Yoga allows you to introspect and connect with your inner self, it also allows you to create meaningful connections with your fellow yogis. By practicing group poses, family members are able to get in sync and learn how to support each other. Family yoga creates physical and emotional bonds that deepen trust in the family. 

Creates quiet and relaxing family time

Yoga is strenuous yet soothing. This makes it ideal for noisy households with energetic kids who are always running around. Practicing Yoga as a family can help harness the energy of the little ones into a healthy exercise. It can help develop their concentration and help them become better learners. Sitting in peace for several minutes at a time can help your children develop control over emotions such as anxiety and anger.  

Opens up communication

Open communication is healthy for the family. Yoga allows one to tune into their inner self and find their voice. Practicing Yoga as a family allows everyone to develop their inner voice, which makes communication more open and authentic. 

Practicing Yoga with the family

If you are considering Yoga for your family, make sure you have a plan. Choose your yoga space carefully, find a convenient time for all the family members and select a yoga branch that suits and challenges the abilities of everyone in the group.  

Here are some tips to help you create a soul-stirring sanctuary at your home. 

  • Create the perfect playlist   

Prepare relaxing music to put your family members in a relaxed state as you practice your poses. Your choice of music should be matched by the quality of your speakers. Invest in good speakers within your budget that have quality sound. High-quality speakers produce music that has a rich texture and is more lifelike; consider getting a portable model so you can take it anywhere. Quality relaxing music plays an important role in getting you in a Zen state of mind during Yoga.  

  • Keep your equipment close

Before you start your yoga sessions, make sure that everything you need is in close proximity. This should include your yoga mats, bricks, and blankets. Do not forget tech devices like smartwatches and fitness apps that you may need to boost your fitness routine.  

  • Dress for comfort

Make sure that your choice of clothing is fitting for the purpose. This is especially important for children. Dress them in comfortable sports attire. None of you should wear clothes that are too tight or restricting. Your clothes should also not hang loosely while executing some poses.  

Final thoughts

Yoga has remarkable benefits for the whole family. All you need for family yoga is a relatively quiet environment, an open space, and several yoga mats.