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  • Diet: includes diet diaries and specialized diet plans
  • Lifestyle: assessment of sleep, toxic exposures, and other obstacles to cure.
  • Stress management: often this involves informal counseling, spiritual or emotional conversations, and brainstorming with the patient ways to minimize stress or better manage it.
  • Supplements: nutrients in pill or liquid form; this also includes enzymes and probiotics
  • Cleansing and detox: includes medical food cleansing and supplements when necessary, as well as some at-home techniques mostly involving hydrotherapy.
  • Homeopathy: using the principle of “like cures like,” homeopathy uses a patient’s symptoms to guide the doctor to a remedy which most closely resembles the patient’s overall picture, stimulating healing from the inside out.  (Click the link for more info!)
  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy: this therapy uses hot and cold towels to stimulate vasoconstriction and dilation in order to pump blood through the visceral organs, bringing oxygen and nutrients and removing waste more quickly and increasing the body’s healing capacity.
  • Pharmaceuticals: In the state of Arizona, ND physicians have a scope of practice very similar to MD and DO practitioners.  Pharmaceuticals are reserved for emergency situations in which the patient is in eminent danger, or for short-term symptom relief.  The ultimate goal is that if at all possible, the patient will be able to live drug-free.


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