Norm Wielsch was an agnostic police officer for over 25 years. He was exposed to many traumatic incidents and diagnosed with PTSD. Then he was diagnosed with an incurable debilitating neuromuscular disease, and had over 25 surgeries in ten years. He was prescribed opioids for the pain, and soon began to abuse the opioids to relieve the negative emotions of PTSD. After that, his daughter was diagnosed with liver tumors, and the prognosis was poor. This placed him in a downward spiral that led him to make some very poor decisions that led to a 14-year prison sentence. He responded to God’s calling, and though divine intervention, his daughter and he were both healed. He spent over 8 years in Federal prison where he co-pastored the church and taught how God heals PTSD. In prison, he obtained a master’s degree in Theology and Counseling, then a doctorate in Christian Counseling. He went on to become a Registered Addiction Counselor and pastoral care provider in a residential treatment facility. He wrote a book called, “Christ-Centered Healing of Trauma: Healing a Broken Heart” and a small group study guide to go with it. Both are on sale now.

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