What Makeup to Wear for Acne

Acne is really more about what’s going on internally than what’s happening on your skin. That said, what you put on your skin, for skin care and for makeup, can make a difference. First, a quick breakdown on what acne is, to better understand why this is the case. Acne [...]

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Vitamin K2 and What It Does

You probably know it’s important to take a calcium supplement, especially if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis. But remember that study that said taking calcium supplementation could increase the risk of heart attacks? The concern here is that atherosclerotic plaques contain calcium deposits, and perhaps therefore taking calcium in supplement [...]

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Magnesium Threonate and the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

Physiology 101 of the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) The inside of blood vessels are lined with cells called endothelial cells, and in most parts of the body, there are small gaps between these cells. These gaps allow substances in the bloodstream to pass through the vessel walls. But in the [...]

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Why the Chronic Vitamin D Deficiency?

Just about every patient I test is low in Vitamin D unless they’re supplementing with it (which by my standards means less than 40 ng/mL — the lab says less than 30 ng/mL is considered deficient). This is the case across the board, even though I live in AZ where [...]

Taurine and the Overexcitable Membrane

I’m currently at a conference where I’m spending the majority of the day in what they call “Genomic Medicine Boot Camp” (aka biochemistry through a firehose. It’s fun, trust me). Most of it wouldn’t translate to a blog very well, but here’s one clinical pearl that might. I’m gonna do [...]

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Probiotics: How Your Diet Affects Your Microbiome

Your Microbiome First, let’s define our terms: your microbiome is the collective term for all the bacteria that populate your gut—all 100 trillion of them. Even though your microbiome is not technically “you,” it’s so important to your body’s function that it’s been characterized as another organ. What it does: [...]

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