Feast of Weeks and Pentecost

Today's meditation explores the symmetry between the Feast of Weeks of the Old Testament, and Pentecost. We jump around a lot:  Moses goes to Sinai and God descends on it in fire (Ex 19:18.) This represents the birth of the nation of Israel as a theocracy: the giving of the Law.  This [...]

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Spiritual Sight: Mark 6:41

Today's meditation comes from Mark 6:41.  Jesus "looked up" = anablepo, also translated "receive sight" or "recover lost sight" elsewhere.  Isaiah 26:3: "yetser" = "mind", also translated conception or imagination. Numbers 13-14: 10 spies in the Promised Land, and 8 of them had an evil report This is the Living [...]

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Magnify the Lord: Psalm 69:30

Today's podcast is a meditation on Psalm 69:30. We jump around to a few more verses:  Psalms 69:30 says that thanksgiving magnifies God (gadal: same word as a child growing up physically). To make great, to lift up The leper who came back to thank Jesus glorified Him (Luke 17:16-18).  Romans [...]

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