The Woman with the Issue of Blood: Mark 5:24-34

Today's podcast is a meditation on and retelling of the Woman with the Issue of Blood, from Luke 8:43-48, Mark 5:24-34, and Matt 9:20-22 It's interesting that this woman is not named, even though three different gospel writers tell her story. This could have been for her protection: at the [...]

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Introducing Dr Laura Villa

Today's podcast is an interview with the newest doctor to our care team at Nature Cure Family Health, Dr Laura Villa. To learn more about Dr Villa, click here. https://www.naturecurefamilyhealth.com/doctors/dr-laura-villa/ Download the latest episode of Christian Natural Health!

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1 Sam 14:1-23: Jonathan and his Armor Bearer

This week's meditation and retelling is from 1 Sam 14:1-23.  This is such a crazy story, and to me, it so perfectly illustrates why Jonathan and David became such good friends. In boldness, they were pretty much the same person.      Jonathan had taken down a garrison of Philistines [...]

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EMF and Mitochondrial Toxicity

Today's podcast comes from this blog post, EMF and Mitochondrial Toxicity. Our sponsor: trylgc.com/cnhomega, and enter the coupon code CNH20 for 20% off your order. Download the latest episode of Christian Natural Health!

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