Sulforaphane: A Phytochemical with Potential

Guest post by Andrew Graham; Image by congerdesign from Pixabay As a provider of functional and integrative medicine I am constantly searching for low-risk, high-upside interventions that can promote health in my patients. Over-the-counter and pharmaceutical medications, while very important in many situations, typically alleviate individual symptoms by blocking or [...]

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Spotlight On: Mint

Image by silviarita from Pixabay Fresh mint leaves (usually spearmint or peppermint) are sold in grocery stores alongside other kitchen herbs. Most of us tend to think of mint as just an ingredient in mouthwash, breath fresheners, gum, or toothpaste.  Mint leaves do indeed help to control the bacteria responsible [...]

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Spotlight On: Cilantro

Image by ReStyled Living from Pixabay Cilantro (also called coriander, or Chinese parsley) is perhaps one of the world’s most versatile spices, as a staple in cuisine from around the world. This might be because it helps to alleviate heartburn, gas, or bloating that might otherwise result from spicy dishes. [...]

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Spotlight On: Chamomile

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay Chamomile flowers are in the daisy family, also known as asteraceae or compositae. Compounds beneficial to health are many and varied, and it is generally recognized as safe for consumption with few contraindications. Chamomile is probably best known as an herbal tea, with over one [...]

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The Redox (Oxidation / Reduction) Pathways

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay  The prevailing theory of aging, and of many chronic diseases, has to do with oxidative damage. The idea is that matter likes to be both electrically and magnetically neutral: positive charges balanced with negative charges, and electrons (which are electronegative) like to be paired “spin up” and [...]

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Natural Ways to Lower Lipoprotein(a)

I wrote here on lipoprotein(a) generally—what it is (a cholesterol analogue) and why it is far more concerning from a cardiovascular standpoint than elevated cholesterol by itself. Essentially the concern comes down to the fact that Lp(a) both decreases the breakdown of clots and acts as a strong adhesive in blood vessels, [...]

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Decaf Coffee — Safe or Not?

I wrote here on the benefits (and relative risks) associated with drinking coffee, and here on the studies showing that overall, coffee consumption decreases the risk of chronic disease. Yet caffeine certainly has its drawbacks. In addition to sex hormone disruption, it indirectly forces the adrenals to pump out additional adrenaline, [...]

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