The Top 10 Worst Toxins For Your Health

Naturopaths who have been practicing for decades tell me that things have changed. It used to be that fairly simple interventions would “move the needle,” as it were, for most people: clean food, fresh air, sunlight, stress management. That is still the case for the genetically blessed. But for those [...]

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Treating Chemical Sensitivity

I wrote here that I don’t run micronutrient analyses very often, because most cases don’t actually require this. Usually a healthy, whole foods-based diet and a good multivitamin will cover most of the body’s micronutrient requirements. This is true… but the operative word is usually. Chemically Sensitive Patients One exception [...]

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The Surprising Health Benefits of the Sauna

I’ve been a regular sauna user for some time, mostly because it just feels so good. This is because the intense heat and deep sweating triggers the release of endorphins: the same feel-good, euphoric and painkilling hormones released from intense exercise. But beside the endorphins, the sauna has a number [...]

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Obesogens: Chemicals that Make Us Fat

In the last decade or so, animal studies have increasingly indicated that certain chemicals, particularly those already known to be endocrine (hormone) disruptors, can lead to obesity. Turn On the Fat Cell Development Research started with tributylin (TBT), used to paint the underside of ships to prevent barnacles from growing [...]

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Fasting Regenerates Your Immune System

January is a great time to do a cleanse or a fast of some kind, and now there’s even more evidence for why it’s helpful. This study demonstrates that your immune system benefits from short (2-4 day) fasts in a couple of ways: While you are fasting, your immune system scales [...]

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Acne and Your Thyroid

What Acne Is Skin and hair both are mostly comprised of a protein called keratin, and nourished with sebum, an oil naturally produced by the skin containing lipids and cell fragments. The normal flora on your skin’s surface use that sebum as food. Pores are the hair follicles in [...]

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Halide Toxicity (Bromine and Fluorine)

I wrote here about the possible reasons for the epidemic of hypothyroidism. One major contender is toxic halogens (bromine and fluoride) which pop up in a number of places in our society. Where You Get Exposed to Halides Bromine is an antibacterial agent used in pools and hot tubs, an [...]

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