How Histamine and Sulfur Are Related

It can be difficult to distinguish the symptoms of histamine intolerance and sulfur intolerance. Both can present with hives, itchiness, asthma, headaches, nausea, fatigue, flushing, and brain fog—and sometimes a problem with one can lead to a problem with the other. The Methylation Connection What connects these two problems is [...]

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Lymphatic Detoxification

Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay  I treat a lot of complex patients in my practice, and often many of these patients have more than one thing going on: chronic viral or bacterial infections, biotoxin illness, multiple chemical sensitivity, etc. What most of these conditions have in common is cellular waste. Most detoxification [...]

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The Truth About GMOs

Guest post by Dr Laura Villa; Image by Arturs Budkevics from Pixabay  Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have become a hot topic and are part of many debates. However, there is a great deal of confusion about their impact on your health. Do they weaken your health? Do they contribute to cancer and other [...]

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Excitotoxins: MSG and Aspartame

Excitotoxicity occurs when a stimulant triggers neurons to fire excessively. The signal comes from the NMDA receptor, which can be triggered by several neurotransmitters, which causes release of calcium within the cell. Because the body always wants to seek balance, excess of any electrolytes draws water from the extracellular space, [...]

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Health Benefits of Coffee Enemas

I see a lot of environmental illness, chemical sensitivity, and GI symptoms in my practice. Most of the time in cases of suspected or proven solvent toxicity, my recommendations for detoxification include sauna, castor oil packs, constitutional hydrotherapy, and colon hydrotherapy. The latter is performed with water only, though there [...]

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TGFb1 (Trans Growth Factor beta 1)

Image by skeeze from Pixabay  We treat quite a bit of biotoxin illness in our practice, including mold, Lyme Disease, and other tick-borne illnesses. One of the tests we run very often is TGFb1. This tends to be high in many biotoxin illness patients (though we usually also run complement c3a and c4a, [...]

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Resetting Your Circadian Rhythm with Fasting

Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay  When an electronic device stops working, what’s the first thing that most of us think to do? Reboot. Hit the reset button. It’s a beautiful solution, because it doesn’t require you to know what’s wrong… often the problem just fixes itself. I wrote here on how fasting [...]

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The Redox (Oxidation / Reduction) Pathways

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay  The prevailing theory of aging, and of many chronic diseases, has to do with oxidative damage. The idea is that matter likes to be both electrically and magnetically neutral: positive charges balanced with negative charges, and electrons (which are electronegative) like to be paired “spin up” and [...]

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EMF: How Do You Know If It’s Too High?

I wrote here on what EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) are, and here on their potential damage to mitochondria. Dr Mosley wrote here on the studies of various types of physical damage associated with EMFs, and how that translates to the current concern over 5G. But how to you know if your EMF [...]

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Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO

SIBO, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine that typically produces an excess of either hydrogen or methane gas, or both. These are the types of gases that are measured on a breath test. Symptoms usually include bloating primarily, sometimes belching and reflux, and [...]

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