Salicylate Sensitivity

Salicylate sensitivity is thought to result from increased leukotriene levels, due to inability to break down salicylates from food, medications, or artificial colors or flavors. There are other possible ways to address it besides indefinite salicylate avoidance, however.

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Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Classic causes of bruxism mostly seem to revolve around neurotransmitter imbalances from various causes, as well as respiratory issues, and (arguably) parasites in children. Treatment should at least in part depend upon the cause.

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Health Benefits of Moringa

Image by Alongkorn Tengsamut from Pixabay The Moringa tree is also called “the miracle tree,” and for good reason. Better known in Asia and India than here, the tree is tenacious, growing easily in poor soil, in dry climates, and from cuttings of the branches as well as seeds. (I [...]

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