Health Benefits of Algae

Image by PixelAnarchy from Pixabay  The term algae can refer to many different species of aquatic plants. Like plants that grow on land, algae contain chlorophyll for photosynthesis and produce oxygen for the ecosystem. Unlike plants on land, though, they lack roots, stems, or leaves, and can range in size from a single [...]

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What Is The Deal With Gluten? Part 2: Gluten Sensitivity

Guest post by Andrew Graham; Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay  I Don’t Have Celiac Disease...Should I Avoid Gluten? If you missed it, be sure to check out part 1 of this series, where we reviewed Celiac disease, a condition that has become increasingly prevalent but still frequently missed by healthcare [...]

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Peptide Therapy to Balance Immune Function

Image by Gidon Pico from Pixabay  Peptides are short sequences of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. They have a myriad of potential functions within the body, often serving as signaling molecules to turn on genes, triggering protein synthesis. What those proteins may do varies by the peptide signal sent. Some may [...]

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Health Benefits of Quercetin

Image by webvilla from Pixabay  Quercetin is a bioflavinoid found in a number of different common whole foods, including apples, cherries, dark berries, peppers, cruciferous veggies, leafy greens, green tea, citrus, tomatoes, cocoa, whole grains, asparagus, red wine, capers, and especially in onions. It’s also found in the herbs ginkgo, St John’s Wort, [...]

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What Is The Deal With Gluten?

Guest post by Andrew Graham, NP; Image by Sabine Schulte from Pixabay  Part 1: Celiac Disease Most people these days have at least heard about gluten, or have noticed the increasing popularity of gluten-free diets and gluten-free products. Gluten is a protein complex found in many cereal grains including wheat, barley and rye. [...]

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Herbs To Help Relieve The Symptoms Of IBS

Guest post by Karissa Carrington of; Image by congerdesign from Pixabay  Do you like to avoid prescription medicines for Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Herbs have the potential to keep up your gut health. The prescribed medicine might be effective and provide you with a good result within no time, but they come with [...]

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Understanding LDL Particle Number, Concentration, and Size

Image by David Cortez from Pixabay  Most of us think of LDL as “bad” cholesterol, while HDL is the “good” cholesterol. This is an oversimplification, though.  LDL stands for Low Density Lipoprotein, while HDL stands for High Density Lipoprotein. These are carrier proteins for cholesterol and triglycerides. A standard lipid panel will not [...]

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The Toxic Effects of Glyphosate

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay  Glyphosate, or N-phosphomethyl-glycine, has been the most common herbicide in use around the world for decades. It works by blocking a metabolic pathway which produces the amino acids phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan. Lacking these amino acids, the plant shrivels and dies.  Given a mechanism of action like that, [...]

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Fiber and the Benefits of Butyrate

Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay  We’ve all heard that fiber is good for us. Butyrate is one of the primary reasons why. Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid produced from dietary fibers by bacterial fermentation in your colon. It’s the preferred food source for the colon, so of course it’s necessary [...]

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