Health Benefits of Carnitine

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay  ATP, the energy currency your body needs to live, is produced from your food by your mitochondria. These organelles are present inside every cell of the body except for red blood cells. Remarkably, while mitochondria can convert one glucose molecule into 38 ATP molecules, each fatty acid can [...]

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Are Soil-Based Probiotics Better than Traditional Probiotics?

Image by Alicia Harper from Pixabay  Soil-based organisms (SBO) or spore-forming probiotics are terms often used interchangeably, as most soil-based organisms do form spores. They get their names from their habitat: they tend to be found in the soil. Historically, our ancestors ate food right out of the ground, so many of these [...]

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Are Nightshades Inflammatory?

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay  Conventional wisdom holds that nightshades cause inflammation, and particularly joint pain. Unfortunately, there are no lab tests to confirm this, nor are there any clear studies linking the two; it seems the connection is entirely anecdotal. That’s doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing to it, though. What Nightshades [...]

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How Histamine and Sulfur Are Related

It can be difficult to distinguish the symptoms of histamine intolerance and sulfur intolerance. Both can present with hives, itchiness, asthma, headaches, nausea, fatigue, flushing, and brain fog—and sometimes a problem with one can lead to a problem with the other. The Methylation Connection What connects these two problems is [...]

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The Many Faces of Histamine

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay  I wrote here on how elevated blood histamine levels can manifest systemically. I wrote here on its potential association with motion sickness. But the neurotransmitter histamine can play several other roles as well.  Histamine Receptors Any signaling molecule in the body accomplishes its task via receptors, which [...]

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Finding Asbestos in Your Beauty Products

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay  Asbestos was widely used for decades as a common additive in building materials until we discovered its potentially severe health effects. Since then its use in manufacturing has been limited... but popcorn ceilings in homes built in the 1960s aren’t the only [...]

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Fat Burner Shots

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay  Most of us know the basics of what we should do to lose weight: eat right, exercise, and balance the thyroid are at the top of the list.  But what about when you’ve done everything right, and you still can’t lose the weight? Post-menopausal weight gain for women, [...]

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