Nutrients to Help Hair Regrow

TYPES OF HAIR LOSS There are four main types of hair loss: Alopecia areata. Considered an autoimmune disease, though researchers have yet to discover the antibodies involved. Characterized by small hair follicles and slower hair growth. Telogen Effluvium. While some 80% of hair follicles are typically in the growth phase [...]

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Mineral Makeup: Safe or Toxic?

The word “mineral” implies “natural”, so many of us assume that mineral makeups are a much safer alternative to the commercial makeup lines out there. This is often true—mineral makeups typically contain fewer chemicals than, say, a cream foundation might. But that doesn’t mean they’re automatically safe, nor that they [...]

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Is Your Skincare Line Making You Age Prematurely?

Reading skincare product labels can be even more confusing than reading food labels. Unfortunately more and more food products contain unpronounceable chemicals, too, but skincare products contain almost nothing but unpronounceable chemicals. And yet they make such exalted claims—“reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles,” “helps prevent/reduce the signs of [...]

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What Makeup to Wear for Acne

Acne is really more about what’s going on internally than what’s happening on your skin. That said, what you put on your skin, for skin care and for makeup, can make a difference. First, a quick breakdown on what acne is, to better understand why this is the case. Acne [...]

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The Surprising Health Benefits of the Sauna

I’ve been a regular sauna user for some time, mostly because it just feels so good. This is because the intense heat and deep sweating triggers the release of endorphins: the same feel-good, euphoric and painkilling hormones released from intense exercise. But beside the endorphins, the sauna has a number [...]

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The Essential Guide To Sleep Hygiene

This guest post is brought to you by Fawne Hansen of "The Adrenal Fatigue Solution." One of the most comprehensive sleep hygiene articles I've seen!  Are you one of the countless individuals who struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy, regular sleeping pattern? With a phenomenal rise in handheld electronic devices, [...]

Acne and Your Thyroid

Hypothyroidism and acne are two very common conditions I treat, and sometimes they are unrelated. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, constipation, hair loss, dry skin, heavy periods, and cold extremities. Common causes of acne include hormone imbalance, a backed up liver, elevated androgens (hormones in the testosterone family) sometimes [...]

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