Wilson’s Syndrome: Treating a Slow Metabolism

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome was first identified and defined by Dr Denis Wilson. Essentially subclinical hypothyroidism, this is defined by all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, including chronically low body temperatures (below 97.8 orally). Other symptoms include a slower metabolism, hair loss, constipation, fatigue, weight gain, and sometimes depression and heavy periods [...]

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Is Bread Different in Europe?

Anecdotally, many people who are sensitive to gluten in the United States are able to eat it overseas without a problem. Why is this? As far as I can tell, there are a few key reasons why this *might* be the case. DIFFERENT KINDS OF WHEAT According to the USDA, [...]

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Phosphatidylcholine for Weight Loss

Since you are what you eat (you know that, right?), your cell membranes are made up of the fats that you ingest—for better or for worse. But first, here’s why you care about your cell membranes. Cell Membrane Physiology: In With the Good, Out With the Bad Historically the “brain” [...]

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The Top 10 Worst Toxins For Your Health

Naturopaths who have been practicing for decades tell me that things have changed. It used to be that fairly simple interventions would “move the needle,” as it were, for most people: clean food, fresh air, sunlight, stress management. That is still the case for the genetically blessed. But for those [...]

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The Power of Hope

The average length of time that a rat can tread water before giving up and drowning is 15 minutes, or so Johns Hopkins researcher Curt Paul Richter found in the 1950s. But if the rat gets rescued just before drowning, dried off and given a rest, the next time around [...]

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Is Your Skincare Line Making You Age Prematurely?

Reading skincare product labels can be even more confusing than reading food labels. Unfortunately more and more food products contain unpronounceable chemicals, too, but skincare products contain almost nothing but unpronounceable chemicals. And yet they make such exalted claims—“reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles,” “helps prevent/reduce the signs of [...]

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